Our Company

The company BIM MOSXOS is one of the dominant and most renowned companies in the hydraulic lifting machinery manufacturing sector in Greece.

The company started its operation in 1992 in Portaria, Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece. Ioannis Mosxos and his son Vassilis, creators and soul of the business, fully understanding the problems faced by the business world in the field of loading and unloading and having long-term experience and high technical understanding, immediately offered solutions to any problems with low purchase and operating costs.

 Consistency, honesty and understanding are the elements that they managed to convey to the consciousness of all the people who work in the business in order to manufacture modern, reliable and safe lifting machines.

With the help of modern technological equipment, all the people of BIM MOSXOS work responsibly and consciously, always aiming at high quality, prompt service and harmonious cooperation with our customers. The machines, which are designed and manufactured entirely inside the company, are manufactured according to all European specifications and bear CE. In addition, since 1998 the company, being one of the first in its sector in Greece, was certified with ISO 9001.

 The various types of the BIM hydraulic crane, which is one of the first machines manufactured and specialized by the company since the first years of its operation, are well thought out machines, specially designed for all difficult loading and unloading operations, easy to use, fast, flexible and safe . Of course, the company did not stop at cranes, expanding its production over the years. Thus, it designs and manufactures various roadside assistance machines, aerial liftings and snowplowing machines  as well as agriculture and timber machines.

 A milestone in the company's history is 2010, when it started operating in the shipping industry. In a short period of time, it managed to enter even foreign markets, with its quality and competitively priced products. The company, mainly as a consequence of its involvement in the shipping industry, is the first Greek company whose machines are certified by IACS members such as DNV GL, KR and BV. The insistence of BIM MOSXOS to offer its customers the best possible result led, for the first time in Greece, to the establishment of qualified marine lifting machinery inspectors. For example, some of the giant companies in the industry that trusted BIM are TCM (Tsakos Columbia Ship Management), Falcon Maritime Group SHIPS, Jawa Trading S.A., Eastern Mediterranean Maritime LTD (EASTMED), Larus S.A., as well as Sea Destiny Ship Management Inc.

Today, the company is now under the management of the third generation, while since 2013 it has been exporting its machines abroad. Starting from Austria and Latvia, at the moment its machines are sold in almost most countries of Europe while it maintains official sellers of its products in Romania.