Aerial Platforms

BIM MOSXOS aerial platforms are divided into two categories. Those mounted on vehicles (AK series), and those mounted on trailers (AKT series). Like all our machines, they are designed in 3D Cad Software in order to meet all the needs of our customers and ensure that our machines are safe, affordable, fast and easy to use.

Security system

To ensure, not only the proper but also the safe operation of our machines, BIM MOSXOS installs specific safety systems in them. More specifically, each machine has brake valves on all cylinders and an electronic stability system to stop the operation of the mechanism in case of instability. In addition, there is provision for NOT operating the aerial platform in case the stabilizer do not touch the ground. Finally, the lifting mechanism has a manual operating system, to lower the mechanism in case of damage, and a system to automatically level the aerial platform.

All our machines are designed according to European Standards and bear CE.

All BIM MOSXOS machines are designed based on the needs of its customers and, therefore, can be customized according to them.

The types of machines presented on our website are indicative.

Contact us, either for more information about the certified types of machines we have, or to design together the lifting mechanism that will meet all your needs.

For anything you need, we are at your disposal.