Snow Plowers

The snow plows  B.I.M. MOSXOS, can be installed in a 4x4 van (pick up) but also in a SUV, tractor, truck and Unimog, satisfying your every need. They are made with the innovative system of lifting the lower blade and not (dropping) the whole mechanism in the event of an obstacle.  The knife is detachable, and can be clipped and unclipped from the respective vehicle in four movements. It has an electro-hydraulic pump, so that the movements of the knife are carried out through the vehicle. The knives of B.I.M. MOSXOS have an integrated anti-vibration system (SOC) and light construction for the least possible strain on the vehicle. Thus, rapid snow removal of the road network is achieved at the lowest possible cost. Knives are made for up to and over 50cm of snow.